Hello world!

I am passionate about lots of things. I am mostly known as a wellness warrior, personal trainer, say it like it is, take no prisoners, inspiration, fitness enthusiast, dog lover.

I’m also just a girl who has struggled through body image issues, eating disorders and found myself through fitness, hiking, running, and nature. I love my dogs and my husband.  Through my biggest breakdowns came my biggest breakthroughs.

This blog may talk about fitness and wellness, but mostly it will talk about life, finding and creating myself. I will talk about things that most people aren’t willing to talk about.

I may highly offend people. You can feel free to leave at any time.

I may highly inspire people. I may give you something to think about and I may inspire you to face your own demons.

Because underneath it all, I’m more than a personal trainer. I’m more than someone who has to eat healthy and motivate and inspire people all the FUCKING time. Maybe, just maybe, sometimes, I’m just a girl who has other interests and things to say that have nothing to do with fitness or eating healthy.

And maybe you’ll understand me a little more, maybe you’ll see me as a person, a fellow human being who has faced the same battles and struggles as you. But I am different too… and what really makes me different? What really makes me successful? My unwavering commitment and dedication to life and to success.   I’ve blazed my own trail. I’ve never been able to colour inside the lines or stay in a box. And walking the edge of “normal” and having people try to put you inside a box because that’s where they’re comfortable, has led to an interesting life, let’s just say 😉

This is my personal blog. I may or not talk about fitness… because it’s a part of my life it will come up. You can get Fitness Blogs from me at http://www.twfitness.ca.  But I can’t promise what you’re going to see on this one 🙂

In this blog I will let you in on some of my personal battles and struggles, my deepest joy’s and biggest secrets. I may rant, I may gush, I may share love and gratitude and sometimes I may tell people like it is. I will swear. So be prepared for that.

I’m excited to share Tonya, the person with the world – not just TW, the personal trainer 😉

Welcome to my blog!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. lori says:

    WOW! I’m looking forward to checking in and hearing what you have to say! I’m sure it will be insightful and entertaining 😉 You are a great writer!


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