Is There A Pill For That?

Well, there are pills for just about everything.  And I’m not gonna lie to you, I took enough of them looking for the solution to weight loss… cause it’s gotta be out there, right?

This week I got an email from someone who asked me if I could tell them about the pills, potions and concoctions that her boyfriend is taking.  I said sure.  What ensued was a email list containing more pills than I think stores carry!  I was shocked!  Holy shit, do you eat or do you just take handfuls of pills all day?  I decided to write the post on and not because I want to swear.

Now, let me digress.  4 years ago I decided to do a fitness competition… the details of the show and my training have been written about on so I won’t bore you with the details again. I went in, I think, with a healthy mindset as I had been training for 6 years and had overcome body image issues and eating disorders through fitness. There is a “culture” that I’m not really a fan of -Pills, pills & more fucking pills.

I was SHOCKED at how many “healthy” people were shoving coffee, ephedrine, fat burners, blood thinners, mental alertness, happy, and illegal pills down their throats.  THIS is what we’re promoting as a society?  But I’m not immune.  I held out as long as I could but months into the hardest training I’d ever done, working 15 hour days and training 3+ hours a day, I wasn’t getting results.  By then my mindset wasn’t as strong.  I was “in” that world now.  I didn’t want to fail.  Everyone knew I was doing it. So I began taking them.  Moderate stuff at first – one fat burner to give me the energy boost I desperately needed to kick ass in my workout.  But then I needed more and more and the next thing you know I’m exhausted all the time, drinking more and more coffee and popping 2 fat burners every couple of hours to keep moving.  When they’d stop working, I’d move to a new one.  Sometimes I’d even take 2 different ones together to get an increased boost in energy.

I started noticing that I couldn’t control my emotions.  I was angry.  All the time.  I had meltdowns about everything and everyone.  I couldn’t handle stress at all.  But I still couldn’t stop.  I was running 2 businesses, trying to be as fit as possible because I’m a trainer for christ sakes.  But nothing was working anymore.  I fell asleep in my car in the drive thru waiting for my turn to order coffee.  This, after rowing and already drinking a coffee with several “fat burners” & “pre-workouts” in my body.

My anxiety was at an all time high.  But I hadn’t battled with anxiety before.  I had my own issues when it came to body image, but anger, overwhelm, inability to deal with emotions, wasn’t something I had experienced.  I was not the same Tonya.  And it finally caught up to me.  I sat down on a hike one day with my dogs and knew that I was not promoting health.  I was doing this at a cost of my own health.  And while it was difficult, I walked away from one of my businesses to heal myself.  When I stopped the pills?  I couldn’t function.  I couldn’t stay awake.  I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.  I started working with a naturopath to help me through the process and in fact, rather quickly I started to feel better.  I took natural vitamins and minerals at certain times of the day to maximize healing, I began juicing real veggies and fruit, I took 2 months off of exercise and only hiked and did yoga.  My body recovered.  My mind took longer.

When I saw the list of pills and potions that person emailed me I was instantly angry!  This is OUR world now.  A pill for every damn thing.  We’re marketed and advertised to death from the weight loss industry.  The diet pill industry is a multi billion dollar industry… yet everyone is still fucking fat!!!!  If there was a fucking pill that worked, wouldn’t everyone be walking around skinny?  Yes.  Exactly.  They don’t fucking work!  The diet industry is SO bad that people don’t care how dangerous they are.  In fact, people are dying from what they are taking.  They know the side effects, but want to be skinny and don’t care.

There is a pill for everything.  I’ve had some of the most intelligent men and women ask me “does green coffee beans work?” I wanted to bitch slap them.  Because they sell on your desperation.  Everyone wants to look good but not put the consistent work into it that is required to get results.  Eat Right.  All the fucking time.  Exercise.  Pretty much every fucking day.  Voila!  The magic pill.  There it is folks.  At no cost.  Just work at it everyday and you’ll be fit.

People say to me “My God, how lucrative the fitness industry is“( that’s my next blog and I promise you it will be a good one! I digress) but my response: the fucking diet pill industry is lucrative.  If I was selling potions and powders I’d be rich long ago!  But I’m just selling workouts and healthy eating and “ain’t nobody got time fo dat”.  It’s a Multi billion dollar industry.  Think about that.  The same people who tell me a couple of hundred dollars a month is too expensive to have a coach who will keep your mind & body healthy, will go out and drop thousands of dollars on quick fix places where they sell you a pile of pills and that’s about it.  Oh and lies. They sell you lies, or maybe they’re free with purchase…

I suppose it is too expensive when you have to work for it.  You don’t mind paying for it if it’s easy and you don’t have to sweat for those pounds, right?  Yeah, but that’s why it all comes back!  If pills worked, we’d all be walking around in sky high heels, skinny jeans, crop tops with 6 pk abs and hanging out with a live version of Ken Doll on Hollywood Blvd. But where are you, right now?  I’m in my fucking housecoat researching diet pills.  No Ken Doll in sight.

The definition insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results!


Now to answer the ACTUAL question I was posed:  Here is a list of the supplements and a review of them! Hold on tight, I’m not sure there’s anything left in the supplement store.

bpi SPORTS 1.M.R. VORTEX – performance enhancer – Pre Workout Stimulant; with a caffeine warning (this is typical warning for pre-workouts).  Do they work?  They give you energy that’s for sure but what’s the health risks?

SANGSTER’S Daily Liver Protect vegetarian – Research shows it’s main ingredient is milk thistle (unknown what if any benefits)

Thermal XTC – extreme fat loss & euphoric energy complex – Contains green tea extract and African Mango… most research has been contracted and provided by the company, which is a red flag.  We do know green tea works to help metabolism – why not just drink green tea?  Little to no research and my personal red flag is when anything comes from a special plant in the far recesses of the world… I call bullshit.

Progressive VegeGreens Multi – vitamin, mineral, and green food supplement – generally good, especially if you struggle with getting enough fruit/veggies in a day.  Vegan and plant based and essentially good to use.

Progressive PhytoBerry – antioxidant supplement – challenging to reviews.  Some say weight loss, other say “get your daily fruit servings” – I’d skip the pills and eat real fruit!

Ephedrine HCL 4EVERFIT– oral nasal decongestant – it was originally designed to be a decongestant but because ephedrine can in fact work  as a fat burner it has been widely overused.  It is a CNS stimulant – yes, it’s an active ingredient in crystal meth.  It has been linked to seizure’s and death.  What?  Did you say weight loss?  Sign me up seizures and death happen to other people!

Glutamend – progressive glutamine powder – the body naturally produces this and it’s used to help in recovery of muscles post workout.  Limited research on whether this taken orally is effective for this.  We do know in IV form it works well especially for burn victims, transplant patients and general surgeries.  I see no reason not to take it.

MAGNUM Nutraceuticals Inc A- Bomb – a CLA based fat burner – non stimulant, so not overly bad.  Reviews show upset stomach, rectal bleeding, etc as possible side effects, but again, almost no reviews available except company paid for ones!

DYMATIZE Nutrition DYMA-BURN EXTREME – another fat burner.  High dosage (700mg) of caffeine which is extremely high!  No great reviews online for energy or fat burning and again, hardly any reviews or information available outside of what company provides.

DENDROBIUM 600 – Another pre workout – but this one has all around terrible reviews from online users.  It doesn’t even give you the pump is promises!  Again, not much research available besides what’s posted by the company.

Caymania – pain reliever – found only one site on this stuff, the company’s stuff.  Couldn’t find reviews, etc.  Not sure if this is legal in Canada?  No supplement companies are carrying it from what I can tell.

VEO Natural – Brain/Mental Clarity – has excellent reviews by users,and most ingredients seem ok.

Thank God, that’s over.  Jesus Fucking Christ.  90% of it is crap.  Maybe not harmful, but doesn’t really work.  And it’s all designed to sell you a “lifestyle” that you want.  You want to be Ken Doll snatching up the ladies?  Well, workout, eat right, take care of yourself, treat her like she deserves to be treated.

BTW – did you know how someone looks is a lot less important than we think?  Men consistently said in research that they aren’t concerned about cellulite or a little excess weight and women actually said they want a man who takes care of himself but who is not “ripped”.

Nothing works if you don’t!

Mad Love!

Tonya Whittle

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