What I REALLY think of you…

I try my hardest not to judge people.  It’s human nature to do so, because our view of the world is our only range of reference.  But, I try to remember that I have no idea what someone else’s experience is.  I try to have tolerance and be non judgemental.  And for the most part, I succeed.

Who Am I To Judge Anyone?

But I am challenged beyond belief when it comes to the treatment of animals.  I don’t get it.  I don’t understand.  I try to put myself in your shoes.  But it doesn’t work… because I think to myself “what happened to you to turn you against nature?  What happened to you in your life that you could take a tiny puppy and toss them outside and leave them there without a 2nd thought?”  How can you listen to their cries and barks and yelps?  The ones that keep me awake at night?  2 acres away and I can hear their cries and have to lay in bed and do nothing… while no doubt you sleep a restful night.

Not only do you not have any concern for those poor animals suffering in the heat and in the cold, but you have no concern for your neighbours… you don’t care that we can’t sleep because of their howling and crying.  You don’t care that the neighbours have children who can’t sleep.  You don’t care that we care more about the welfare of your animals than you do.

You. Don’t. Care.

I have to sit in my house day in and day out, listening to your dogs screaming and howling, kept in a tiny cage, desperate and frantic for attention, fed once a day, kennels cleaned out, never petted, never spoken to except the odd scream “SHUT UP” out the door.  I hear that, too.  2 acres away.  Actually, your dogs can be heard at least 5km’s away.  And on a windy night, upwards of 10km’s away.

How can YOU not hear them?

It breaks my heart on a daily basis.  Because I’m helpless to stop their suffering.  The police can’t help because the laws are so “loose” – your pen is up to code and don’t you think the police have more to do than check on if you’re letting them out the required one hour per day?  And you could just lie and say you do anyway… I mean, who is going to do disprove that?

And the Town won’t do anything. In fact, they care less than you do.  They don’t care that you’re breaking the public “nuisance” laws and put the onus on the “complainer” to record, track all incidents of “nuisance” and then IF THEY THINK THEY CAN WIN, and I am willing to go to court against you, I have to testify against you.  There are bylaws in place, but clearly they are only there for those who follow them… because you don’t and they don’t enforce it.  Why do we pay taxes again?  You know that your neighbours are not happy because they send you letters… Laws and Locks are For Honest People, I suppose.

But You don’t care, do you?

You know that they aren’t going to do anything.  I know they aren’t going to do anything.  And so I cry for your dogs.  I cry for the love they aren’t getting.  I cry for the stimulation they don’t get.  I cry when it’s below freezing and stormy, like tonight.  And I cry when we have 3 feet of snow because I wonder if they suffocated in their pens?  Do you?  Wonder, I mean?  Sometimes I wish they had, because in truth, if that was my life, I’d choose death.

You say they will be “ruined” for hunting.  But I can see your property from mine.  I know that last year they might have been taken out twice?  Twice?  In one year.  TWO FUCKING TIMES.  I wonder, what if we locked you in a room, and left you there with no TV, no interactions, no connections, no bed, threw food in on you once a day and cleaned up your shit once a day, how would you feel?  Do you think you would be well after that?  What kind of “ticks” would you develop?  What kind of anxieties would you develop?

You say “they like it there”.  Clearly, they don’t.  Every time they hear kids playing they scream and howl. Every time my dogs are out playing, they cry, scream, howl.  Every time a car door slams, they scream… but the sadest is the tone difference in their cries when YOU arrive home.  It’s an excited scream… like “maybe today…” but you just scream “shut up” again.

Did you know that dogs can detect cancer before medical screening can?  Did you know they have the vocabulary understanding of a 5 year old?  When was the last time you spoke to a 5 year old?  They’re pretty smart.  Did you know they detect drugs? Bombs?  They provide comfort and care for all sorts of disabilities and ailments.  And they love, unconditionally.

I try to understand… what happened to you?  What happened in your life that made you so cold hearted, so hard to the suffering of the animals you keep in cages?  What happened to you?  I’d love to know because maybe it could give me an understanding to YOUR range of reference.

See I didn’t have a perfect life.  Who did?  Most of us have had really shitty things happen… but instead of learning to be cruel, I learned compassion.  But I was taught compassion.  Maybe you had no one to teach you compassion?  I grew up with “hunting” dogs, they lived in the house with us… everyone told my father “we’d ruin him” because we dressed him up, wiped his nose when he was sick, put bows in his ears, covered him in blankets.  And you know what?  He was one of the best hunting dogs in the area.  No fear.  He loved the hunt.  Resilient. Loyal. Strong.  He was cared for.  A part of the family.

Not like yours.  Yours are property.  Something that you keep for a status I suppose to impress or fit in with your hunting buddies – the ones who train dogs with the “barrel down the back of the neck” “welted, beaten, bruised, starved” as a means of “control and dominance”.  Is that what those dogs are for you?   Proof that you are in control?

I can’t help but wonder, what does your wife suffer at your hands?  What did your children suffer at your hands?  The FBI now tracks negligence, cruelty and confinement of dogs as serious indicators of violent crimes.  Social workers are taught to look for signs of animal cruelty, negligence and neglect because it’s an indicator of other abuse in the home.  And psychologists agree that the control, dominance and lack of empathy and compassion for another’s suffering (yes, even an animal) is an indication of a high level of significance – covering up feelings of inadequacy, the need to be right, dominance and control.  So it’s no surprise I wonder what else is going on…

Your lack of compassion is hard to live to next to.  Because you not only don’t mind the suffering of which you are directly creating in the animals but you also have no compassion for the suffering your situation causes your neighbours on a daily basis  – so this is more than than a situation where you don’t respect animals, clearly you have no respect for the laws which state you can’t treat animals like this nor do you have any respect for those around you, because you don’t care that your neighbours for several kilometres around you are being impacted.

As for me, I will continue to cry for your animals.  I have no options… the police have their hands tied with  shitty regulations and seriously… taking someone to court for not walking their dog? We both know that’s not going to happen.  You WIn.  And the Town?  We both know they’re not going to do anything either… they like to write laws but not enforce them.  And you know that.  You Win.

But you won’t win in the grand scheme of life.

You have to answer for this… in this life or in the next life.  Did you know that DOG spelled backwards is GOD.  Won’t it be an epic karmic surprise if you reach the pearly gates only to find the wise old man flanked by dogs?  Won’t it be epic Karma if reincarnation exists and you find yourself tied to a pole 24/7 fully aware and conscious of the fact you are alone, neglected, abandoned and screaming for attention?

As for me, I will continue to hope that you change your mind.  I will continue to hope that common sense prevails.  I will continue to hope that somewhere inside of you, you find compassion to stop the suffering that you are creating.  I beg you to see that all lives matter, not just yours.

And I will continue to cry, heartbroken every time I hear them cry because I won’t let this cruel world change me.  I won’t be less compassionate because people like you are more cruel.  I will continue to fight because as long as they can’t, I will stand and speak for them.

And what I really think of you?  I feel sad for you.  I feel sad that your life is so small and miserable that you have only your dogs to control as a way to make you look like a big strong man.  Because real men are kind to animals…




2 thoughts on “What I REALLY think of you…

  1. Gail Redmond says:

    Omfg I love this, LOVE it. We feel your pain. We really do…Every time I see a dog who’s chained 24/7 and who doesn’t get the love and attention that they so deserve, it kills me inside..I want to steal them, to let them free, to hug them, to spank their silly bum, to kiss the top of their head or play with their ears..all of the things I do to my dogs. It’s so sad, it’s terrible for people like us to witness..I despise people because of it..Can I share it?


    1. Tonya Whittle says:

      Thank you so much for your comment … I know there are a lot of us out there who feel the same way… it feels so helpless but we have to keep standing up and fighting it. Yes, please SHARE! Perhaps a few people will read it that keep their own dogs tied on!


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