Awaken The Wild Woman…

Inside every woman is a wild woman ready to be awakened.  She’s been sleeping too long.

She’s tired of living on everyone else’s terms, exhausted from being the “good girl” – the one who makes everyone else happy.  The one who doesn’t rock the boat, ask for what she needs.  She puts herself last but her soul is yearning for more – she is suffocating in the life she’s created.  She is desperate to be free, to be herself, to live on her terms.

She wants to scream the truth.  But she stuffs it down again.  She’s tired of living by the rules, doing what she’s told, but fear holds her back.  She’s on the brink, push forward and free fall or retreat, yet again, to the darkness.

She dreams of freedom, often of running away.  She’s been emotionally void for so long, she longs to feel something, anything.

She feels the clawing inside and stuffs it down again before she can even name it.  Sometimes it won’t go down so easily so she eats, shops, numbs herself to the call of the wild that is always close by.

She keeps herself busy so she won’t hear it because while it intrigues her it also frightens her.  She’s afraid to wake up, she’s afraid she’ll lose everything if she steps out of the darkness.  She knows she won’t fit in anymore and while part of her doesn’t care, another part struggles with letting go.

She dreams of more passion, more excitement, more life but she’s been lost for so long – the light inside dulled from years of being taught how to live in a box.  Her wildness a threat to society itself.  She doesn’t know her own power or beauty.  But they do – the ones who steal her light.  Some take it because they too had their taken and that’s what they know.  Others take it because they are drawn to the wild.

They tame her by force.  And her light dulls a little more.  She loses faith and courage to be herself.  She’s been trying to fit in her whole life but has always felt like an outsider.  She longs for the day she could run but she doesn’t.  Fear holds her back.

She hasn’t yet realized she can be free exactly where she is – that nothing has to change but everything changes exactly where she is – she doesn’t know yet that she can be free and still live her life.

Her freedom is inside of her – not outside.  In order to get her freedom she has to go into the darkness.  In there she will find herself – who she really is.  It’s there she’ll realize she can be both tame and wild, good and bad, dark and light.  There is not one without the other.

She will find her voice, her footing, her confidence as she embraces the wild and unleashes herself on the world – 100% confident in who she is.

She knows instantly this is what she has been missing her whole life – herself.  She didn’t need a dessert island where no one knew her.  She needed to find and accept herself.  And when she did, she no longer wasted her time with those who didn’t appreciate her wild.

She wasn’t born to fit in, she was born to break the mould.


Tonya Whittle

Strategist & Wild Souled Woman.

If you identify with this article, if you feel the call the wild, it doesn’t matter where you are on the journey – Join the Wild Souled Women Facebook Group.  Your tribe is waiting. 

PS… if you like it, please share it?  We need more wild souled women waking up.  We’ve been sleeping too long.


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