Wild Woman Rising

What is a Wild Woman?  For me she is wild like the gypsy, has the soul of the earth, the heart of the mother.  She has no affiliation, no religion, no labels.  She is herself.  Whatever that is for her.  She is wild and free, able to connect, go within and know what’s the next best move, for her.

Her soul is her connection to everything she needs to know.  She uses her logic and her heart, she believes in good but doesn’t deny the evil she sees.  She’s not about bandaiding, pretending or living in denial.

She looks at what she sees and sees it for what it is, not what she’d like it to be, not what someone else tells her it is.  She sees the truth, feels the truth, breathes the truth, speaks the truth as it exists to her.  There is THE truth and a truth and a wild woman’s truth is her own – not gleaned from her mind because that can be the trap of a fool, but gleaned from listening with her heart and body and soul to know the answer.

She is fierce.  She embodies courage – which is simply fear walking.  She is brave while she shakes.  She breathes deeply while she fights off ancient conditioning, feeling the suffocating shackles bursting as she gains confidence and momentum.

She has a fire in her soul and a determination in her belly.  She is a warrior.  Not here to make nice, not here to pretend and keep the peace.  She’s here to uncover the ways we’ve been hidden, knocked down, chained and shackled to someone else’s truth.  She’s here to break the mould of how we’ve always done things.

Wild woman rising is her call to answer her own call.  The call of her own soul – her purpose, her path, which is unlike anyone else’s path.  She’s not here to create look a like models she’s here to have the courage to walk her own path, even that means walking it alone.  She’s here to help others find their warrior within.

She’s here to walk the road less travelled, take the less beaten path, look fear in the face and do it anyway. She’s not here to be someone else’s version of what she should be.  But she falls into that trap sometimes, she plays nice, she gives in, she bites her tongue.

She was taught to be a good girl, to never speak up, to never lash out.  She was taught that it was pointless to try,  to go up against goliath.  She couldn’t win.  But each step she took forward she learned it wasn’t about winning at all, it was about freedom.  It wasn’t about being heard, seen, approved.  Just because someone else doesn’t see her point or her side doesn’t make it invalid.

Just because others want conformity doesn’t mean she has to oblige, trading her soul for acceptance and a place at the table.  Each time she throws off the shackles, she wins.  Not for anyone other than herself.  Each time she takes a step forward, even if it’s timid, she wins for herself.  She owns another piece of her own soul.

Wild woman rising is the journey home to yourself.  No one knows what’s best for you, except you.  No one knows what your path or purpose is better than you.  Logic alone cannot help you.  You must engage the heart.  The heart always knows the way.

Once engaged, it will ask more of you than your mind ever will.  Your heart will demand you speak your truth.  It will demand you stand up, even though you shake.  It will propel you forward as though a force greater than you is guiding you – and it is.

Once you begin connecting to your heart, your soul, your authentic self, there is no going back.  You cannot unknow an awakened heart.  A closed heart doesn’t know it’s closed, an open heart feels when it’s closing.

Each step on the forest floor, each crawl through the ashes of your life brings you closer to you.  You are moved by something you can’t name, you can’t see but you know.  Your heart longs for home – to know yourself, deeply.  It’s a place you know exists but you haven’t truly known.

You are scared but each time you overcome a new challenge you take on bigger challenges.  And while you might curse those challenges and wish for simpler days when you knew nothing and when your only concern was what colour lipstick you’d wear.  And you might wail into the ethers – WHY ME?  Why can’t things stay comfortable for a while?  Why can’t I grow and be done with it?  Why can’t I find myself and know myself RIGHT NOW?  And why can’t it be easy.

And I say WHY NOT YOU?

Because that’s not the path of the Wild Woman. It’s not the path of the warrior.  When you take this journey you have decided to find yourself and be yourself.  In a world that is asking you to conform, to fit in, play nice, play by the rules, you will find yourself in the wax and wane of the conforming in different ways so you can throw off the shackles in different ways.

Each time bringing you to a higher, newer level.  A place you’ve never been before, facing adversaries and challenges you’ve never faced before. And while you might hide, get scared, let old conditioning come back, refuse to move forward, decide to stay stuck – you will eventually move.  Because you’ve chosen the path of the warrior, the wild woman.

And once you taste the freedom of the wild, of knowing yourself, of overcoming your fears, of choosing YOU, you can never go back to a life of conformity, of shutting yourself down to be what someone else needs.

If someone needs something other than you, who you are, then they should go get it somewhere else, not control and change you into who they need you to be. But remember, no one take what we aren’t willing to give. Yet that’s what life has been for most of us – giving that we think we need to – wearing masks – becoming what someone else wants us to be – our parents, our friends, families, spouses, community, churches, networks.

Wild Woman Rising is removing the masks you have been wearing.  And while it’s challenging, choosing yourself anyway, knowing that when you say no to what isn’t right, what doesn’t fit, when you claim yourself that you are becoming more wild each day.

Step by step until one day it’s not as hard to choose you.

Rise, Woman, Rise.


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