[Meet Andrea] Temporary Things Doesn’t Make Permanent Results

Meet Andrea

Owner of Burrowed & Blu – a decor and event planning business who dropped 50lbs without dieting!  Listen to our conversation to learn how doing deep emotional work and re-patterning changed all area’s of her life, not only her weight!

The Story

Andrea came to me fed up and sick and tired of feeling the way she did about her weight.  She knew she needed something different to tackle the age old story of her weight she was living.

Day in and day out she was playing a running commentary on her weight and around food.

Watch as we chat about her experience, her results and how it impacted far more than her weight!

Join us on the journey!

Contact Andrea

For decor, weddings or event planning (or to chat about her results) contact Andrea:




Ready To Work on You?

Let’s talk.  Contact me at tonya@wildsouledwellness.com to start your own journey today.

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