Wild Woman Rising

The wild is a place within you.  A place you know exist but you may not have been in a long long time.  You wait for permission, to go.  While it is inside you, it’s not accessible in the noise of your life, your mind and the baggage you carry.

Women with their instincts intact know when they need to leave, to run to get home to the wild, to fill their tanks by opening their souls.

Women who wait for permission, who ask, who hesitate even when they feel the call aren’t in touch with who they are.  They are chained, waiting for someone else to do it first, wondering what others will think, worried if they should…

But the wild calls to your soul.  She is a part of you and the more you stuff her down the harder life is.  The less you let her lead, the more things go wrong, the worse you feel.  Why?  Because she is the inner knower, the voice inside of you that knows the way.  She has been buried – conditioned to be the good girl, to get approval, to trade her voice, her passions, her very breathe for something she thinks she’s supposed to do or be.

The wild isn’t for everyone.  She doesn’t call everyone home.  She sends her call to those who were born for more, born to change the world.  She calls because it’s been dark for too long – a life half lived, barely existing and surviving.

There’s more to life, to this existence, you know.  You feel it.  You’re not like everyone else. You’ve always known it but not fitting anywhere doesn’t feel good and you’ve bent and changed and shapeshifted until you fit into the box that made others approve.

You became what they wanted but it was never enough, it never will be enough.  Because as long as you need to be something other than you are, you will never be able to satisfy it.  You will change and still feel unloved, unseen, not enough and you will become bitter, resentful and angry.

The way back home, to the wild, is to answer the call.  She’s clawing to get free.  You feel her, she’s been rising for a long time.  Sometimes you let her play but mostly you keep her contained – afraid of what she’ll do, say, and what people will think.

You’re afraid to let your tail hang lose because it will be unbecoming for someone.  Your training has been thorough, you’ve been conditioned to believe you must behave a certain way, be a certain thing, but every day you have to put on your mask, hide who you are.

But the time has wild one, the call has been made.  You’re being called home because you have a purpose, a path, something that is calling to you, to help light the way for the others who are too scared.

For each one of us that heals, that drops the masks and lets ourselves be who we really are, the more we shine a light on the fears and conditioning of others.  And the world needs this, now, wild one.

The world is crying for you, to step forward, to usher in a new paradigm, to lead the way with your own wild soul.  The world needs the ones who won’t conform.  And I know you’re scared, scared to let go, let loose, scared to lose it all, to be brought to your knees.

I know you can’t understand it all and you’re not meant to know everything, you just need to take the first step, a deep breathe, let your inner knower lead the way, for she will lead you home.  She will ask you to bust down every wall you’ve ever built, to look at experiences that have left you drained, traumatized and broken.

She will lead you through the madness, the fear, the uncertainty, the deconditioning to be pleasing and the remodelling to be you.  The world needs more of that – people who are authentic, who are open, who are real and raw and vulnerable.

It doesn’t need more people who pretend, who act as if.  It needs more people who will step up, rock the boat and be willing to burn it all down to create anew.

The wild one inside of you will lead you through the pain to the bliss on the other side. And it is there you will know peace and happiness.  The stripping away of all that you are not so you can be who you really are is the painful part.

But the wild woman in you is rising.  Rise she will.  The call has gone out and she is coming for you. You can surrender to it or you can be brought to your knees. But rise she will because she only comes for those who are born to lead the world into a new way.

And you were born for that, wild one.  Pick up your sword, your time has come.

4 thoughts on “Wild Woman Rising

  1. Gail Nicholson says:

    That is so like me. I love it.
    It is great for me to stay in touch with
    Wild Women and to read allthis information.
    Thank you for this.


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