From Lost & Hopeless To Debt Free & 100lbs Lighter

Today I’m shifting gears on my blog and sharing with you someone else’s story of being lost and hopeless to reclaiming her life, fully and powerfully.

Just over a year ago I met this woman named Jenn.  She was quiet, red faced, and seemed uncertain as she walked into a seminar I was teaching.  She didn’t engage much, just thanked me, left and said “this is exactly what I needed“.  She started showing up at my talks, following me on Facebook, attended a retreat and has stayed engaged in various programs and 1:1 coaching over this time.

Jenn is one of those people who does the work.  She learns.  She applies.  And because of that she’s completely shifted her life.  And I want to share her success with you for a couple of reasons…

  1.  She’s done an amazing fucking job of changing her life.  To the point where I WISH I HAD BEEN AS DILIGENT in my own work early on … because it’s really proof that watching and learning is one thing, but application is where it’s at.
  2. I want you to see how much we can accomplish together, even when you feel like you’ve done it all, tried it all and feel hopeless.

Here’s what Jenn has to say, in her own words about her life and how our work together has changed her life… (it’s so good to hear someone’s story from their angle! I love it…)

“” I was lost had no idea what my identity was, just going thru the motions of life, no drive, no purpose. My life as I knew it was starting to crash down around me and I didn’t know how to cope . Thats when I came across a random post on fb of a talk that you were giving about 7 steps to be a wild woman. I went, hell, I almost backed out a million times in the parking lot that night but something told me to go in and meet you. Hearing your story and your words were like you were taking them right from my brain. There was a conection a spark that I had never felt that life COULD be different. So I leeped and you caught me.

Insert: see how we don’t see things… I didn’t see her struggle to get there, how hard it was for her to show up for herself, but how her desire to change her life was more intense than her fear…

“my life has shifted in ways that are crazy … I found the root of a major finincail issue I was having with spending way beyond my means, leading to a debt that I could not handle. Guilt over spending which would just lead to more spending. Now I have paid off 14 thousand dollars in debt. I have dropped over 100 pounds, and I don’t live from a place of fear anymore. My relationsships have gotten stronger with my family and close friends. I have self worth now. I have also started saying yes to experiences even if they are scary. I started doing yoga which I though being a plus size person with knee issues would be out of the question. But now I am in a intermediate Arial yoga class, kicking ass. I also found my creativity and leaped in to writing with a passion that set my soul on fire, I have just had my first work published and working on creating my first novel. But more than anything I smile from my soul I am alive in every sense of the word. I have a fire burning in me now that was a dull ember before. I don’t mask the pain anymore or tuck it away never to deal with it. I face it head on and do the deep dives to get rid of the roots of major past trauma.”

Insert: she’s so fucking amazing.  I wish I could show you the actual work that went into this… 100lbs people!  100 fucking pounds!  And never once did we talk about her weight.  Not once! AND, her debt.  Yes, we talked about that.  We worked on that.  And clarity is where we have our power.  And Jenn has her power back from the bright shiny object syndrome that was causing her to overspend and eat her guilt.  And a book… all possible because she showed up for herself!

 “I am excited and hopeful for the first time. I have a purpose that was not there before. I am able to start putting myself first before I hand myself over to others. I am unstoppable and look forward to more learning and growing and all the possibilities that comes. BRING ON LIFE where before there was death.

Insert: Ok, this is beyond powerful because this is exactly what I’m here to do… to give women back their power in life where they have lost it.

We leak power to things… to our weight problems, our money problems, our relationship problems, our emotional and mindset problems… power leaking all over the place.  Imagine plugging yourself into an energy drainer.  Wanna know why you’re so tired?  Wanna know why you’re stuck in the same cycles over and over again?  Wanna know why you feel overwhelmed, confused, lost?

You’re leaking power to your problems.  And you can’t solve a problem in the same place that created it.

Getting help, getting a coach, a mentor who can guide you through the tough conversations, who can help you see what’s in your blind spot, who can haul you off the hamster wheel so you can truly see what’s going on and then work to change it?

That’s how we change our lives…

Right now, I’ve got openings for new clients… 1:1 for people who are committed to changing their lives.  If you’re like Jenn, feeling lost, hopeless, unsure of what way to turn or how to solve your problem… then let’s chat about how I can help you.

Schedule Appointment

Note: if nothing works for you in the calendar send me an email at and we’ll work out a time that works for both of us.

I’m sending a HUGE congratulations out for Jenn who has been published in a book, who’s lost more than 100lbs and paid off her debt… imagine the literal and figurative weight that’s been lifted off of her.  And what she really did was show up for herself…

I’d love to help you be the next success story of turning around even what you think is hopeless.

Let’s talk!


PS… can you drop a comment below and give Jenn some love.  It’s always nice to know how our story inspires or impacts someone else 🙂


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