To The Untamed Women

The world isn’t kind to women who are different, who colour outside the lines, who don’t conform.

Society says “what kind of _____ mother, wife, woman” would… conditioned women, over domesticated women say “who does she think she is?” tear her down, gossip and wish her ill.

The world has rewarded conformity with belonging and defiance with outcasting. But there is something inside of the untameable ones, the wild ones, that cannot be forced.  We even try to fit, be demure, to dull ourselves but even in the dulling we seem to stand out, even in the fitting in we are awkward and the silencing of ourselves can only be held in for so long.

The stuffed down, controlled, “too muchness of you“, “fit here into this little box” eventually explodes out of that box, cannot be contained any longer, into a story that doesn’t fit you or feel good but serves to hold you down, not threatening the status quo.

The world fits you into a story, don’t go outside the lines, the big bad wolf will get you and it will be all your fault.  Don’t be too much, keep your mouth shut, accept things for what they are, don’t be a trouble maker, a too much woman.  No one will want you or like you for going against the grain.

You have tried to fit into a world that was created to contain you, dominate you, dull you, a world that didn’t let you breathe, that held your spirit hostage and chained your soul.  And when you nearly suffocated, you came to life, a raw, real, heart wrenching and soul shattering gasping for air that filled your exhausted and tired soul back into your body.

The pain of a lifetime of suffocating yourself, silencing yourself, hiding yourself, pretending and wearing masks rained down on you all at once, leaving you wide open in a world that wanted you to be closed.

Your very existence is here to usher in a new paradigm, a new world order, a new way of being, doing, living. We’ve gotten lost.  We’ve created a world of dominance and the wrong kind of power, of silencing people through fear and hate and propaganda of separation and us verses them and me versus you.

And none of it is true.

Your very happiness hinges on your creativity, the space, the loudness, the ownership of yourself in a world that has told you sit down and shut up for too long, that’s called you a liar and told you what you saw and knew weren’t the truth.  Your purpose hangs on finding the courage to own yourself in a world that constantly blames you for who you are.

It confused you and made you second guess yourself.  But the revolution is here. The days are over of treading softly and pleasing.  The time is here, now, for you to rise up, to reclaim yourself and stand in all the power that is available to you, through you, within you and with all of the women rising up, to say “no more.”

We have voices, we have rights to safety, to be believed, to be equal, not just pretend equal where we’ve all learned to play the game.

The game is over. 

We’re done.

Because some women weren’t born to fit in, to blend in.  Even when you tried you couldn’t hide that glimmer, that spark, your tail that fell below your dress, belying the wild nature of your soul, even when you tried to hide it.

All of your pain was only because you were born wild and free, a change maker, a paradigm shifter, a wild woman, a sacred one, who couldn’t be silenced.  Through your heartbreak and anguish, your wounds that wouldn’t heal, not belonging, the not fitting quite right into the world, pushed you outside the circle…

Because wild ones aren’t meant to blend, they are meant to stand outside the circle, to show others what’s possible.  You can’t lead and blend.  You can’t bring in a new story if you’re part of the clique.

Even though it’s painful to not be supported, understood, to give up yourself, it’s far more painful to live a life that doesn’t bring you joy or happiness or allow you to step into the deepest soul version of you.

All designed to force you to wake up, to pick up your sword, to destroy what is inauthentic and stand in the power of who you really are, stand in your own truth, to listen to your soul and not your conditioning.

The price you pay for conforming and silencing yourself is too high.  The cost of fitting into places you don’t belong, enormous. While standing outside the lines, climbing out of the box, is hard, it is necessary.

Your wildness cannot be contained forever.  When the wild woman knocks, awakens your soul to something more, something visceral, something powerful and primitive that ruins inside of you, that ignites the sacred rage of centuries of women that are fed up, exhausted and sick of the bullshit, you can’t stuff that back down.

It will surface until you listen, calling you home to your destiny, to that place within you that finally feels like home, like the belonging that never felt quite right when it hung loosely on you – requiring you to be someone other than yourself to wear it.

Anything that asks you to silence yourself, set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm, put up with bullshit, lies, manipulation, is not worth the price you will pay.  You will never feel at home there.

I know.  I did it.  I spent most of my life letting other people tell me what to think, what to do, how to dress, what to say, not to say, what to do, be… what I could and couldn’t.  I let so many people tell me to get off my path.  I stepped aside so many times.  I silenced myself when I should have fought back.  I lay still when I should have run.  I swallowed myself and hide myself when I should have stood up taller.

And I lost myself. In all of the things that happens in our lifetimes.  I didn’t understand boundaries or know what to do in most cases, so I did nothing.  And I became a worn down version of myself.  Until the wild woman came for me and I answered her call.

Home is where your wild is.

As scary as it might feel leaning into your wildish nature, trust me, it’s far scarier to wake up one day and realize you’ve given yourself up to belong, to fit, to be liked and pleasing.

So wild one? Do it.  Dive.  Into the depths of the darkness that have hurt you, open the wounds and explore them, let yourself come to the edge – for that is where you’ll find the wild woman.

She doesn’t come to those who dabble in the shallow end.  She comes to those who come to her. Faith over fear. Courage over pleasing.

She comes to the untamed souls who are seeking home and have finally realized you’ll never find it outside of yourself, not in another, not in a place, money, or person.  It’s inside of you.

Take the journey, unleash your wild soul and stay, untamed. For it is there you will finally know freedom. And it’s nothing that I can explain to you, it’s an experience, a feeling, a power, a beauty all mixed together in a vibrant life where you get to believe in yourself, where you decide what’s right for you, not what will please others.

It’s a life where you know who you are and can stand proudly in that knowing, wearing that like the best pair of faded jeans. The wild woman is knocking… will you be brave enough to answer her?


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