So many masks
So many hidden people

Playing pretend
Hiding behind

Can’t breathe
Suffocate looking

At the bullshit
The lies

Living in a world
Where fake and pretend

Is more comfortable
Than truth

I can see through it
Feel through it

The eyes
The closed

The not listening
When your soul is screaming

Checking off the to do list
Instead of sitting

Quietly asking
Is this my next right move?

Silence the mind
Step out of the noise

Learn to listen
With inner knowing

See with the eyes of the soul
Lean in

When it feels wrong
When something says

Look closer
Go into

Don’t pretend
Don’t make busy

Don’t deny
Don’t hide

Don’t cheat yourself
Out of your own knowing

Because inside
Something is screaming

Wake up
Wake Up

Shake it up
Shake it up

Scream for your life
Scream for your life

Because that’s what this is

A call to come home

To that place within you
That knows the truth

And doesn’t care about
Manmade timelines

Or your checkboxes
For happiness

Or how much time you wasted
On that mistake

My soul hurts
When I watch it

I see it unfold
Coming long before you do

I see the light
Gone from your eyes

The going through the motions
The push

The disconnect
The one track mind

The proving
The conditions

The disempowerment
The aura

And I’m supposed to be happy
For you

As you make that mistake
As I bite my tongue

Knowing it is your path
Your journey

Your soul that will drown
With each pushing down

Each denial
Each looking away

I know
Because I drowned

Before you
And I fought my way

To the surface
Grasping that tiny flicker of hope

That lit up my darkest hours
As I struggled to unpack

Every moment
Every word

Every flicker
Every doubt

Every knowing
That I looked away from

Because it didn’t align
With what I thought I wanted

And so I got it
I went ahead

I ignored that instinct
That telltale sign

And I paid the price
In the loss of most of my life




But I remembered
I woke up

With pain
Forceful, soul shattering pain

And I found my way to the surface
By going into the darkness

And now I watch others
Doing the same


Shoving down

And I want to shake them
I want to scream

In her face

Don’t you see
But then I remember

It’s not for me
To make her see

Sometimes our journey
Is about the pain we must face

So we can learn the hard way
What we already knew to be true

But refused to listen to

Until it begins to roar

And it rattles your bones
Shakes your soul awake

When it can’t take anymore

And silencing

When there’s no more room
And the box explodes

A life of pretending
Making nice

Blown all over the room
Now you’re forced to explore

The darkness
To feel and learn

What you refused
To listen to

The heroine’s journey
Through the dark

To the light
From disempowered

To empowered
From damsel in distress

To bold and brazen
The path opens

And I am here to guide
That journey

Through the dark night
And into the light

And even though
I want to stop it

Before it even starts
By shouting from the rooftops


I know in my soul
That’s her path

Her journey
And when the time is right

For her to find her power
We will intersect again

And I will bring the light
To her dark and weary soul

As she unpacks her pain
And grows into the warrior

The goddess
The powerful divine

Force of nature she should have always been
But still

My soul aches
While I watch the deadened souls

Scramble for the checkmarks
Tick Tick Tick

Checking off the boxes
But missing the tock tock tock

That’s chiming in unison
As the wild woman within

Counts her breaths
Until she explodes

And rises up

As she shatters everything

In her wake

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