The Treadmill Has Stopped…

The treadmill stopped. I knew it needed to. See, I don’t tell people this much but I see, feel, know things differently. It’s hard to explain how it works inside of me, but I can “see” it. And part of that “seeing” is a deep knowing, and sometimes it’s hearing things in certain ways, others it’s literally seeing and a lot, it’s feeling it all.
The treadmill we’re on in life is causing the destruction of humanity.
There is no solitude, no reflection. Lost humans don’t see beyond themselves… they’re caught up in the daily grind of life that’s been conditioned for us to live…

Wake up, drink coffee, rush to a job you hate but pays the bills, rush to the gym or happy hour and worship whatever bar you love more; food, shopping for cheap goods wherever you can get them, watch mindless tv while complaining about being bored. Talk about how busy you are. Complain how it’s always the same. Over and over.

The treadmill. The boxes being checked. Feeling numb and lost. So many are waking up from their slumber and comas from the conditioning of this modern society that sold us a dream that’s really a nightmare that comes at the cost of your soul.

I would often reflect in the work I do that it felt so overwhelming – to see so many people who are dead inside- no souls in their eyes. No life in them. And how we needed to stop this, to get back to living. But it seems so far away.

All of my incredible soul teachers over the years – as we all reflected on the nightmare versus the dream, the sheer destruction of the earth and her animals and her people… the loss of humanity and the spirit that lives within us…I knew it needed to stop.

And I often reflected how will it stop? Yes, one soul at a times matters. But humanity and the earth is in crisis in. Away that we cannot ignore the cries of the earth and her animals and her people.

We are detached from our home, both within and without. We don’t have any idea of that balance of nature, we don’t know our own nature. We don’t think or believe that the earth is sick because we have some belief that we own and dominate it.

We don’t think that buying our iPhone (of which I am typing this on, so this isn’t a you versus me… we’re all in this) is the cause for that child who is chained to a machine in China making it. We don’t believe that we have anything to do with the forced labour while we buy clothes for $5 and are engaged in wastefulness – we don’t see ourselves in the wheel.
We don’t see that every 45 seconds there is a child traded in North America for sex. We don’t want to look there and ask deeper questions of society and how the fuck we got here, not only that it happens but how we look away. We don’t want the inconvenience of buying our fish or meats from local producers. We don’t want the inconvenience or cost of changing our lifestyles while corporate greed shutters the horrific cries of billions of animals slaughtered in factory farms while we look away and get a toy with our happy meal.

Humanity is hypnotized into a coma while we grind and churn and do not see the balance of all things.

When we play a part in it, we reap what we sow.

I’m not talking about “oh we deserve this”. Because I believe most of us have no idea because we’ve been brainwashed into conditioned belief that we are the only ones that matter. We have believed that if we don’t see it, we don’t know about it, so it doesn’t matter. We believe our own ignorance absolves us. But our soul knows. We lost community and humanity with I versus we.

I’m talking about universal laws. Cause and effect. For every action there is a resounding action.

In 2012 we all heard that the “world was ending” but in fact what we know in interpretation is that the world was ending as we knew it. The balance of power began to shift as paradigms and old systems began to crumble… as veils we’re lifted off the depravities of society with #blacklivesmatter and #metoo and so many more… we are witnessing the airing out of humanity – the light has to get in in order for us to heal. And that means we must break in order for it to happen. All things must shatter so we can rebuild in a new more empowering aligned way.

Humanity needs each other. We need to operate differently. We are not cars. Manufactured on an assembly line. People were not meant to live and work this way.

We were captured for lack of a better word. And this is the freeing of us, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Even if it feels horrible, painful, uncertain and scary. This is removing the blinders.

The treadmill has stopped. Grinding to a halt overnight.

Giving us an instant opportunity to reflection, for asking bigger questions, for quiet time, to get off the treadmill, to rebuild a life that’s more sustainable, hopefully, aligned with the earth and earth other.

New systems will emerge from this. New ways of believing, seeing and acting will emerge from this. All part of a greater master plan as the shaking of us has not worked.

Our wake up had to come as the greatest shake up in humanity.

We have an opportunity to step back. To reflect. To change. To grow. To listen.

Everything can and will be reset from here if we focus on building a new world that doesn’t create robots of humans and one where we can learn to face the truth of what humanity has become so we can unravel it and become what we should be…

The treadmill has stopped.

Will you sand on it? Kicking and hitting reset? And miss your opportunity to get off it? So when the wheels start again you’ll be blindly on a treadmill that will never work the right way or will you use this opportunity to get off the treadmill now and be a part of birthing a new world into being?

PS… stay safe during this time, reflect, meditate, spend time in nature, spend time thinking about the world you want to live in, enjoy the pause… please come and follow our Wild Soul Living Instagram and Facebook pages so we can support you during this difficult time as the world transitions. Much love and peace xoxo.

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