Birth. Death. Rebirth

There is a cycle to everything. Birth. Death. Rebirth. There is a cyclic nature to the universe and the earth and nature. And we have been living against that nature for a long time.  There are seasons in nature, and seasons in life, yet we have all but obliterated the seasons in favour of summer all year round.

We have forced bloom on the earth and humans and animals en mass.  There is a time for bloom and a time for letting go and letting die, there is a time for cocooning, hibernating, resting, even God rested on Sunday. There is a time for renewal and the return of life and a time once again for bloom.

The cycles of nature in Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. And the moon, shows us each month and each day what it means to wax and wane, what it means to glow brightly and then retreat. The moon controls the tides and it has a 28 cyclic nature.

Women, too, have a cyclic nature, powered by the moon and the energetic forces of flow, not force.  Women are cyclic in nature. We operate on 28 day clocks. We have periods of great sparks, energy and creativity. We have great depths of feelings and emotions and intuition. We have great cycles of hibernation and slowing down, all in the same month. And we thrive in those cycles. We thrive in the natural cycles and rhythm of the earth.  Yet, the world has been built on summer, in bloom, force.

We operate on 24 hour clocks and schedules that promote force and regularity, no time for intuition, or slowness or creativity or letting go or days or months off. Women are lost in that cycle of never ending push, work and do more.

Women are lost in the constant pressure to be perfect. Women are the most powerful creatures on earth. They are the only thing strong enough to give birth to live. Our power lost and reduced to weight, women’s work, and never ending practise of caring for everyone else, sold as the “good woman” title.

But the loss of women and the natural cycles of life created the modern day crisis. We lost our power and what keeps the earth in balance. Balance was stripped away the world when we churned out productivity as the driving force of human nature.  productivity is great, but we aren’t meant to be productive all day, all week, all year, all our lives.

We are meant to flow. We are meant to create. We are meant to rest. We are meant to reflect. We are meant to connect. We are meant to contribute. We are meant to love. We are meant to live in cycles.

Our crisis was born in moving away from our humanity and our cyclic nature. Our accolades and awards and gold stars given for busy and productivity. Humans have become the assembly line. We step over hungry people. We look away from the forced production of animals for food. We look away from the sex trade. The slave labour that provides our fast fashion.

We force people, animals, plants, the earth to destroy itself to provide in an endless push and drive for consumer hunger that fuels an underbelly of greed. Abundance is our birthright, not a commodity.

Humans are not robots but we have had to become such, endless churning of the treadmill, the so busy life we can’t even see our own piece in the puzzle, we can’t even feel what life is supposed to be, lost in a  sea of do, be, push, force and attain, numb to anything other than the chase of enough and we don’t even know what we are chasing. We are living against our own nature.

The nature of life, the cyclic nature that has been hijacked by production, by the promise of a good life, a great life if we amass all the boxes. But there are always more boxes and trying to keep the boxes and the chase never makes us happy and we don’t know what we’re chasing most of the time. Just on a treadmill, going nowhere, and doing what we’re told. The return to our own wildness nature, to the natural rhythms of life, to the cycles of nature will bring us back to into alignment.

Women are keepers of the cycles of life. The future is female. Women are the creatrix’ and destroyers of life. A return to the natural rhythm is a return to the goddess, the wild woman, the chaos and flow, where productivity comes but not at a cost of our humanness, not at a cost of each other, not at a cost of the earth and her animals.

We have been calling her for centuries. The wild one. The goddess. The destroyer. Not the maiden. Not the mild ones. The wild and holy creatures that went into hiding with the witch hunt. But weren’t hiding, were watching, were building, were planting seeds, living in the hearts of those who refused to know their place and toe the line… the rising up started with our grandmothers and great grand mothers who were arrested and beaten in the streets for wanting rights.

And since then we have been building deeper. Each strike against humanity and the earth,  a sword that cut deeper, but inspired and grew inside of us a collective desire. And we rallied. And we gained power until we had an army.

What came was the goddess of war, Kali, the wild ones, the destroyers… who will tear down everything man made that goes against our nature and our humanity and the cyclic nature of the earth and the honouring of that earth…We will destroy all that is inauthentic and corrupted before we go back to a broken system of robotic living and torture and terror. We will tear down the paradigms that have taken our lives and homes for fake power and greed.

Woman are roaring up into place, sparks have been ignited all over the globe, as we are called to war, and we have answered the call, and we will right the wrongs and realign humanity and the earth.  There is a natural cyclic nature to life, even in death and destruction, that too, is a rite of passage. So too is the destruction of what doesn’t work. Death and destruction are hard. But the goddesses, the wild ones, the witches and holy bitches, came to lead the way in the dark, to light a spark that will have us die before we conform to utter destruction that’s sold to us as the “dream” but which is really a nightmare.

The collective veils are lifting. We’re not sleepwalking anymore. We’re uncovering the truth and collectively dreaming a new world into being. Women are the face of the future, a rebirth into a new way of living, of doing things, that include empathy, compassion, and creating a world where we get to live, not just work ourselves into an early grave with little to no fulfillment or meaning.

The future is female driven as we return the earth and humans back to our natural cycles of life.




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