What lives within

Grief, Fear, loss, trauma.

It’s stored in our bodies… becomes us… sometimes it’s so deep and we’ve held it for so long… and adjusted ourselves to fit it, we don’t even know we’re carrying it still.

It’s become normal.

A hole.

A place where parts of you used to be.

And it’s not until something brushes up against it or that we want to make room for living that we realize it’s even there.

Some of us make holding on look good.

And it’s not until we realize that holding on is costing us the life we’re really craving.

And it’s not until we’re willing to let go that we realize just how much space it took up.

Or how much we had to adjust ourselves to keep holding on to it.

And letting it go feels like you’re losing a part of yourself. And you are. But only the parts that required you to die so that could have a place to live.

Like a cancer. Taking over your life and your energy and your space.
When we get brave enough to cut it out. To open it. The light stings. In the places that have been the darkest inside of us.

But after the sting is over. The light melts away that which we held onto.
And creates a space that opens us to new beginnings.

Who we are now.

Not who we could have been.

But who we will be in spite of .

When we let our pain, hopes, dreams and fears break us open.

Only then will know the true beauty of living the life we were born to live and we will find the truth of what lives deep within.


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