Hit the Gym Like It’s a Hot Date!

Think about it… when you’re making the moves on some one new… it’s all so exciting!  You shave everyday.  You notice the vibrant colours in the world.  You are happy.  So happy people almost vomit on you at times.

Imagine, if you approached your life like that every day?  So many people tell me they hate working out.  I feel ya, I used to hate it too… until I changed my mind about it and here’s a super fun way to change your mind about working out and what it means to you.

What if you looked at going to the gym like you thought about that hot date with the new guy, you know, his muscles… the way his shirt fits perfectly over his chiselled… put your tongue back in you mouth sweetie 😉  I’m talking serious business here.

We pull out our A game for the next flavour of the month.  We take care of ourselves.  We groom.  We pay people to put hot wax on our bodies and rip it off.  We don’t eat for days to fit into that dress.  And we eat fucking salad at the highest end restaurant in the city… to impress… of course… plus, nothing but lettuce could fit into the dress anyways, am I right? We do that for someone else.  We do that to impress others… him/her; friends, family, coworkers. We pull out all the stops.  We want them to like us… maybe even love us.

We keep doing it in our long term relationships.  We wear spanks.  We get out hair done.  We’re still fucking paying people to rip the hair off of our bodies.  We get out eyebrows tinted, our bodies sugared, hair dyed, high heels, make up, etc.  In the words of my husband’s good friend “if I paid for this shit I’d want my money back.  I woke up this morning, her nails were on the coffee table, her hair piece was on the couch and there was a fucking corset on the floor.  That’s some false fucking advertising“.  While I laugh, it’s the truth.  We put out the best version of us that money can buy… we want them to choose us.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.  We primp and prime and we do all of these crazy things to look good to get the guy… we wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes and we stuff our fat into corsets, we have ribs removed, plastic surgery, boob jobs, butt implants… you name it, it’s done in the name of vanity.  And for what?  An image?  A reputation? To get the guy?  To get approval and acceptance and love outside of ourselves with an image of ourselves that’s not even real?

Imagine if we put half that energy into loving ourselves?  Imagine if you went to the gym and worked out like you wanted to get laid?  Not, the actual getting laid moves… just you know… the attitude, the energy, the focus… cause no one needs to see you doing that to the stability ball, I saw it once and it wasn’t ok.  Don’t do that to the stability ball, it doesn’t deserve it.  For real though.  Imagine if you acted like eating that salad and working out was as exciting as the hot date after you got waxed 😉  Throw in a few tequila shots and maybe even a little spat to light the fire a little hotter and you’ve got one hell of a hot night on your hands.  See a girl has got to be fit to handle that kind of a night.  We’ve all been there… had injuries and thought we could be on an episode of “Sex sent me to the ER”… and if getting your sweat on to spice up the sex life isn’t a good enough reason to hit the gym, then I don’t know what is!

Ok, that was a little fun to get you giggling… but seriously… we put SO much effort into our outward appearances to get the guy, or keep the guy or make the guy happy.  Imagine if you approached fitness with the same energy you do for a hot date?  Feel the energy of that, the excitement of that and turn it around on yourself.  Be happy, have fun, get excited but the date you’re taking is with yourself.  There’s nothing more important than you.  We put up fronts all around to be “enough” for someone but when you take care of yourself from a place of happiness, loving yourself enough to do it and having fun, you’ll attract all the right people to you… not just men, but all of your relationships will transition into healthier happier ones.

If you “wish” you had more energy to work out and eat right… do it from that space.  Take an hour a day to date yourself… to treat yourself with respect and love and intensity and passion and enthusiasm… hit the weights like you’re going on the hottest date you’ve ever been on, with just enough zest to make the boys step aside in the weight room to check you out 😉

We approach fitness and eating healthy like it’s a trip to the dentist for a root canal.  No wonder you hate it!  Approach it like you’ve got the hottest date waiting for you (don’t dress up and wear all your make up though, it’s really dumb for a lot of reasons but the#1 is it’s unhealthy for your skin – pores get clogged, causing pimples and breakouts, etc), wear your best fitness clothes, wear those sneakers like they’re the sexiest things you’ve ever put on and stock the playlist with amazing music that makes you get lost and work it.

You’ll leave the gym feeling like a million bucks and off to have that hot night that’s gonna be so much hotter because you took an hour to get in touch with you, to care for you, to love you.

Ain’t nothing hotter than confidence on a woman.


PS… if you wanna know more about what I do, check out my Facebook Page (TWFitnessNL)

*Photo cred to Lori Browne Photography.

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